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:bulletred:Operation Manipulate:bulletred:
A newly founded group on DeviantART from TheCallyBear and Kreatiques-x and was created so that DeviantART's manipulators could share their art between each other and help, critique and trade techniques. The group allows anyone to join and nearly all manipulations are accepted. (The only exception being mature-content work).

There are really only a few rules to the group which won't make it too hard to follow.
- Do not submit any mature content work
- Please submit to the correct folder
- Be polite during group discussions
- If you decline a submission, specify why
- If you have a problem, please do not spam the group as we will try to get back to you asap
- Do not accept your own work into the gallery or it may be removed. Wait for others to submit it

Submission is pretty simple too. All the folders that can be found in the gallery match with the categories in which you submit your artwork with and there will also be a Featured folder and a Competition Submission Folder, however you won't be able to submit to Featured and well the Competition Folder speaks for itself really.
(Abstract, Animals & Plants, Conceptual, Dark, Emotional, Fantasy, Humorous, Landscapes & Scenery, Miscellaneous, People, Political, Pop Art, Sci-Fi & Surreal)
Like stated above, any artwork with a mature content warning will be denied without question. Also, you may only submit one piece of work per day.

There will be a monthly competition starting after we reach so many members and this could be based around a certain theme, piece of stock or something such as a film or a book. From all the entries that we get, the founder and co-founder/s will pick their 10 favourites which everyone else will then vote on. Pretty simple, yes?
The winner will have their artwork put into the Featured folder and may also recieve a small prize too!

Thank you for taking the time to read this journal and we hope that you would consider joining our group! Can't wait to see some of your artwork!

Group Info

We accept all kinds of manipulations in our group and anyone can join!
Founded 4 Years ago
Apr 4, 2012


Group Focus
Art Creation

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Digital Media

173 Members
168 Watchers
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Dream--Awake Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello fellow artists!
I'm relatively new to Deviant Art and was hoping some of you would check out my some of the work I have on my page, I do mainly surreal drawings and abstract photo manipulations.
Thanks for your attention ^_^
hippo2 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014
I'm done with this group too. If you don't actually vote for submissions, there is no use in submitting anything here.
ARGENTICIDE Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Folks, I'm leaving this group because, unless people are actually going to respond to images looking to be added to the group, it's ridiculous to require two members to vote the pieces into the group. At least 80% of the deviations submitted to the group expire because no one is willing to put in the effort to approve them. This used to be a fantastic, active group, and now it is not.

Please put effort into this because it's frustrating to those wanting to submit their artwork and those who are trying to get that artwork submitted, but cannot because no one else is active.
Children7 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013

Photomanipulation Contest!

"Red Riding Hood meets Alice in Wonderland"


All participants-a llama + a cake.

Winners - a feature until the next contest + permanent display in in the CONTEST WINNERS folder.


For details go to :iconmaniptutorials:
Deadline for Entries is 4/20/2013 Pacific Daylight Time

Thank you!
Neverrmind Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tried submitting my work, and all I got was a nasty response from one of you. I'm very unimpressed with the behaviour, and as a result I won't be submitting any work here and I certainly will not recommend this to others. If anything, i'll discourage anyone from contributing any time into this group.
It says above that this is a place to learn, to grow and to share. not accused and growled at.
VERY. Unimpressed.
TheCallyBear Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm sorry I seem to have missed this.
I must admit, I am however a little confused. I'm not entirely sure how "Wrong category, belongs in animals and plants?"
Is nasty? However if you feel this way I'm incredibly sorry that you felt you were jumped on like this.

I must also say that I think myself [as a co-founder] and =Kreatiques-x [as the founder] would have preferred it if you could
have contacted us privately to see if the matter could be resolved without such comments being left. I will however respect your opinion if you feel this way.

One more thing that I feel I must point out is that you did in fact post the submission to the 'Abstract' group,
so if this was indeed a problem of where you are most certain you clicked 'Animals & Plants' and it
happened to send to 'Abstract' then that would be a DeviantART glitch/fault and therefore you would need to take this up with DeviantART.
Just a suggestion; and a screenshot if you'd like here.

Neverrmind Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, it was the incredibly nasty tone, with nothing but negativity and very accusing.

I DID attempt to submit my art in the Animals and Plants section. Wheather that happened or not is not in my control, obviously.

"such comments"? - I think it's a quite reasonable comment.
If you are providing this service, and if you want people to contribute then everyone should be treated fairly and nicely.

And what is the point in taking it up with either of you two, when of course you'll only respect the person belonging to your group, not me; an outsider.

and if it was accidentally put in the wrong category, why not move it then? Or were you purposly just telling my my work was worthless?
Cataclysm-Studios Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wasn't aware that you could detect "tones" over the internet.

Perhaps you just took it the wrong way.
(1 Reply)
TheCallyBear Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Again, I'm incredibly sorry you felt it was meant that way.
I'd like you to consider that I was no online at the time so there was nothing I could have done.

I'm afraid I'm not very clued up on the details of how DeviantART works specifically so I
genuinely have no idea what's gone on there.

'such comments' - It doesn't suggest that it wasn't reasonable? I agree that everyone should be treated fairly and nicely,
but if you like I can go back through the logs and assure you that anyone who submits art to the wrong folder gets it corrected, unintentionally or not.

I'm a firm believer in treating everyone fairly and nicely as you mentioned before, so why would I only respect those in my group.
In actual fact, I'm not familiar with ~kissy-fish, I do not speak to her and nor will I make any attempt to do so simply because she is in my group.
At the time of the submission and when you could have contacted us I do believe you were a part of the group so your point would be infact invalid here,
but I have answered you non-the-less.

Because we, as a group, don't do that. We ask the owner of the said art to withdraw and please resubmit to the correct folder. Not once have we stated your
art was worthless, once more I'm sorry if you feel/felt that way.
(1 Reply)
Lhianne Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012
Thank you so much for the invitation :heart:
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